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Hi Cloudmelon’s here !

My Youtube channel – CloudMelonVision talks about everything about technology in a simpler and entertaining way. Your personal open online community to skill up on cloud computing and cloud native technologies, Kubernetes, Serverless, DevOps, Data & AI, IoT, AR & VR &MR in fun way. Let’s stay tuned!

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Ep 1 – Getting started with Kubernetes – Docker, Containerd and kubectl installation.
This video covers how to install Docker, containerd, kubectl in Ubuntu 18.04, it helps you quickly start working on #Kubernetes.
Replicating as many as VMWare VMs with M1 Macbook
This video contains a trick to help you replicate your VMs with VMWare fusion as long as you’re not exhausting your compute resources, as well as how to change the hostname, simple but handy !
Playing with virtual machines on M1 MacBook Pro with VMWare Fusion for FREE !
In this video, we’re gonna talk about how to install VMWare fusion and deploy your first VM on M1 Macbooks.
Running open source Serverless functions on Kubernetes with Fission
In this video we’ll have a look at an Open source framework for serverless functions on Kubernetes called fission.

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