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Woman in STEM. She is a former Microsoft senior cloud computing technology evangelist currently working as a cloud solution architect, she is an Azure e-learning training courses Instructor and blog author on Microsoft Azure. She holds all Azure certifications, as well as CKA and CKAD and She, is mainly working on her contributions towards OSS, DevOps, Containers and Kubernetes, Serverless Computing, and IoT on Microsoft Azure in the community and help different size of business and partners succeed in Azure projects with focus on Azure Kubernetes and Azure DevOps. She can be reached out via Twitter @MelonyQ and her blog website :

Service Bus: Messaging as a service on Azure

Your messaging application will need to interact with other applications and services to deliver and exchange information. Microsoft Azure allows us to send and receive messages through a simple queue. If an ordinary queue isn’t enough, a queue with a publish and subscribe mechanism could solve the problem. Otherwise, some […]

Azure App Service in action

In the real world, there are generally two possibilities for hosting your web applications or APIs in the cloud. You can follow the classic model and deploy your apps on a virtual machine, or you can go “serverless” by using a serverless platform as a service (PaaS) on a cloud […]