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aka CloudMelon. She is a former Microsoft senior cloud computing technology evangelist currently working as Program Manager at Microsoft. She holds a range of Azure certifications (both Apps & Infra and Data & AI track) as well as CKA and CKAD. Melony is an accomplished blogger and published book author and co-author for two books: Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and The Kubernetes Workshop published by Packt Publishing, the technical reviewer for Azure for Architects, 3rd Edition. She is mainly working on her contributions towards OSS, DevOps, Kubernetes, Serverless, Big Data Analytics and IoT on Microsoft Azure in the community. She can be reached out via Twitter @MelonyQ and her blog website:

Under the hood of Kubernetes and microservices

In this blog, we’ll start to talk about the migration journey and innovation journey before diving into different architecture types of applications, from monolith then look at the principles of microservices as well as the basics of Containers and Kubernetes through the architectural perspectives. After getting a basic understanding of […]