Productivity Building

Microlearning initiative – By cloudmelon

I have been producing blog posts, books in the community over the past 5 years. It’s been many blog posts, 3 books published, thousands of copies sold. But I do wonder, what are those contributions really making impact to other people’s life. Are they making people’s life better ? That’s what I always want to […]

Building tech products for top tech companies

Building great products is hard, but being a product manager is extremely challenging. You have many responsibilities managing deadlines, team alignment, and balancing different responsibilities, though you’re not the boss of anybody. However, it is a great role to build leadership skills through great partnerships with various stakeholders. When I read this book called <inspired> […]

Journey ahead : 3 years at Microsoft

This Friday, Nov 5th 2021, officially marked my 3 years anniversary working at Microsoft. I often blog on technology, career-wise topic is rare pearl in the past few years. Yeah, you just caught one,  the one you’re reading it is. Despite everything, I’m still used to reviewing myself every once in a while because I […]

About Me

Mélony QIN, aka CloudMelon. I’m a grand believer in consistency, technology is about sharing, contributing, learning, growing, and leveraging your power to make the world better, let’s stay tuned!

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