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Top 5 Logic App Monitoring tools [Compared]

This blog post is sponsored by Serverless360 to compare top 5 Logic App Monitoring tools. Serverless 360 is an advanced Cloud Management Platform focused on Microsoft Azure, it operates efficiently with enterprise-grade Azure monitoring, tracing, remediation & governance in one platform.

Azure Logic Apps have enriched the world of integration, making on-premises communication with cloud services more effortless than ever. They turn out to be an excellent option for building highly scalable solutions and automating the workflow of an application involving multiple services without a single line of code.  

Reasons to Monitor your Logic Apps 

There are a lot of reasons to monitor your Logic Apps, and here are the top two among those; 

Azure Logic App monitoring can be handy in such situations. So, we have developed a deep analysis of the top 5 Logic App monitoring tools to let you figure out the best one for your business. 

5 Logic App Monitoring tools you should know about 


Serverless360 is a cloud management platform that monitors, manages, and tracks Azure applications. It supports a wide range of Azure services, and when it comes to Logic Apps, Serverless360 provides extensive features for monitoring multiple Logic Apps in development, testing, or production environments. 


So, if you want to monitor Logic Apps and be notified of significant issues, automate the reprocessing of failed Logic App runs, look no further than Serverless360. 


Proactive monitoring: Logic Apps will be monitored on multiple metrics and properties in a single alert at no additional charge and set threshold limits. 

Handling the failed Logic App runs: All failed runs will be listed in action required tab, eliminating the need to go through several runs to realize which ones need your attention.  

Resubmit Failed Runs: Pinpoint the root cause of any failed Logic App runs, and if the message triggering the run is the cause of the error, you can quickly resubmit it. Additionally, the platform enables correlation between the actual and the resubmitted Logic App runs. 

Automate business-critical tasks: There will be no more manual reliance on resubmitting the failed runs or correcting the status of your Logic Apps. Serverless360 can automate all of this. 

Consolidated error reports: In most cases, your business solution will involve more than one Logic App, and receiving error reports on individual Logic Apps can be a big hassle. This is where Serverless360 comes in, allowing you to monitor any number of Logic Apps and receive a single report consolidated report. 

Advanced search: By entering only the date range, you can access any run of the Logic App and their statuses in no time. 

End-to-end message tracking: Track the performance andgain complete visibility into the message’s requests flowing through different Logic Apps. 

Experience it by signing up for a free trial or connecting with their experts for a detailed demo


The platform is confined to Microsoft Azure; no option to monitor services from other cloud vendors might seem to be a drawback for specific users. 

Azure Monitor 

It is a built-in tool that can be useful while monitoring the performance and availability of your Azure services. It gathers data from various services as logs and metrics to rapidly analyze and troubleshoot failures. For Logic Apps, it offers the basic monitoring features mentioned below. 




Datadog is primarily used by businesses to gain full observability, track the migration process and gain end-to-end visibility on Azure or hybrid solutions. It extends its capabilities to various cloud vendors, including Azure, where the platform integrates with more than 40 services; one is the Azure Logic App. 




Integrating Dynatrace with Azure helps you gain real-time observability on your entire Azure infrastructure built on top of many Azure services. This integration automates the discovery of any significant problems with no manual intervention. Here are the features of Dynatrace that are particular to Logic Apps. 



New Relic 

New Relic is a cloud-based observability platform that assists in monitoring and debugging your entire application. It allows you to detect and prevent problems supported by applied intelligence. The tool offers a handful of features for monitoring Logic Apps as well. 




While building your monitoring setup can be difficult, it is worth investing in other enterprise-grade monitoring tools. So, this blog has contrasted the benefits and drawbacks of the top 5 Logic App monitoring tools. 

Among those, Serverless360 stands out by providing modern features to understand what is going on within your Logic Apps, be aware of the failed runs, automate the remediation process, and more. 

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