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Everything you need to know from Microsoft Build 2018

Microsoft build is an annual conference organised by Microsoft. This year Microsoft has announced a couple of exciting new services to encourage every developer to integrate artificial intelligence ( AI ) with daily work with Microsoft Azure which is Microsoft’s most fast-growing cloud platform, and all the other services with  Microsoft 365 across all the platforms. Here are some recaps:

AI for Accessibility
AI for Accessibility is a $25 million program that harnesses the power of AI to amplify human capability for the more than one billion people around the world with a disability. Find more information on the page:

Intelligent Edge
Nowadays the intelligence devices in the home and business usage can already be found all over the world, these devices allow to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ and even to predict with the different services via the cloud or even when they’re offline. Intelligent edge helps you to achieve that. Here are the details:
A great post from Sam Georges which is  “Unlocking the IoT promised from the intelligent cloud to the smart edge” which returns on important advances. I followed also the recommendation from Microsoft.  Intelligent Edge is not only an ‘edge location’ as before, it becomes intelligent, it supports cognitive Services are supported on the edge such as vision API and speech API, event routing such as  Azure Event Grid is also supported.

Enrich and facilitate the development of artificial intelligence
A couple of updates in cognitive services and other features around AI has been announced such as Project Brainwave Preview (FPGA) to process real-time AI ( ) , Customize Object Recognition in with vision API,  Search API makes visual search based on a photo is possible,  public preview of video indexer, unified service speech with customizable features for custom voice recognition (vocabulary, sound environment, how to talk ..), custom voice synthesis (customize voice) and custom translation etc. Azure Cognitive Search is possible to make the content understanding better: handwriting or text, OCR, entity, keyphrases, image analysis, faces and more).

Multisensory experiences with mixed reality
MS Build presented also how mixed reality will continue to enrich our real life, two important SaaS applications  integrating Hololens are :

  • Microsoft Remote Assist – Remote Assistance to Collaborate in Mixed Reality to Solve Problems Faster
  • Microsoft Layout – Visual layout of space by mixing real and virtual objects

Here is the announcement via Windows blogs:

Building smart applications with Microsoft 365

Unveiled at the 2017 edition of Microsoft Inspire, Microsoft 365 combines Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS), providing businesses with a complete and secure set of collaboration and productivity solutions such as new Microsoft 365-based solutions, leveraging Microsoft Graph, to simplify the creation of intelligent collaboration applications and more. 

Further reading

Here are some useful resources that I’ve collected :

Find all the exciting announcement here :

Catch up on the keynotes :

A great post to know more about AI in Azure  :

The Microsoft AI platform: a State of the Union

Microsoft IoT Overview, Vision and Roadmap

Azure IoT Edge: a breakthrough platform and service running cloud intelligence on any device

Secure and power the intelligent edge with Azure Sphere :

Architecting and Building Hybrid Cloud Apps for Azure and Azure Stack

Technical overview of Azure Cosmos DB

Inside Azure Datacenter Architecture with Mark Russinovich

Hyperscale hardware: ML at scale on top of Azure + FPGA par Doug Burger

Azure Blockchain – Create and deploy multi-party applications with workbench

Finally, you can get everything you want from official channel of Microsoft Build 2018:

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